Hurricane Katrina

I was brought on as a field audio operator by my friend Michael. We headed to New Orleans to cover Katrina’s land fall for a network news organization that Sunday August 28th at 4:00 am not knowing what was going to happen next. When we got to New Orleans we were re-directed to Houma, LA where we rode out the storm and did live shots all night. The next day, hours after Katrina’s eye had hit land, we headed to Mississippi to see how close to ground zero we could get. 7 hours later we arrived in Gulfport MS, and began to cover the devastation down there. We stayed there 2 days before we moved east to Biloxi MS, and worked out of there for the next 2 days. Finally on Friday September 2nd at around 6:00 pm we were relived to go home. Close to 2,000 miles traveled, and well over 100 working hours logged, the following are some of images I was able to capture while on assignment in the gulf coast. These images are being displayed in hope of inspiring others to however possible donate to the Red Cross or any other foundation, charity, or entity that is giving support to the gulf coast region.

Doug Suttle (Sept. 05)